Nutcracker. XV International Television Competition for Young Musicians

Television Competition for Young Musicians \'The Nutcracker\' established channel "Culture" in 2000 and has since been held annually. Unique since its founding, the competition and to this day remains the only Russian children\'s television competition in the field of classical music.

XV International Television Competition for Young Musicians\' The Nutcracker "will be held from 2 to 9 December 2014 in Moscow.

The competition is held in three specialties:

• Piano; 
• string instruments (violin, cello, harp); 
• wind (except block flute) and percussion instruments.

The competition consists of a qualifying round (on the picture) and three auditions, conducted in public. 
The program I and II rounds playing solo or with an accompanist, listening Round III conducted a symphony orchestra. 
Before the start of the competition held the draw for the participants, which determines the order of performance of the participants on Throughout the contest. The grand opening and final round of the competition will be held in one of the best concert halls in the capital, accompanied by a symphony orchestra.

The competition is open to young musicians aged:

- Up to 14 years - pianist, as well as performers on stringed and percussion instruments; 
- 15 years - for wind instruments. 
the Lower age limit is not. The contest will be allowed 48 young musicians that have passed the qualifying round. Selection is made ​​on the basis of the contestants video participant. The selection committee, composed of professional musicians, evaluates candidates on video 10-point scale. As a result of selection to participate in the competition to 16 contestants in each of the three specialties.


If one of the contestants can not take part in the competition, will be allowed to participate bidder with the highest number of points in the relevant specialty among the remaining candidates.

To participate in the contest I round is allowed no more than 16 participants in each specialty, in the II round - 8 participants in each specialty, in Round III - 3 participants in each specialty.

Winners of previous competitions I prize "The Nutcracker" can not participate in the competition for the same instrument.

Contestants are free to choose the repertoire. All competitive program to be executed by heart. Each product can be used in only one round.