TRADE-IN Program

TRADE-IN Program


Instruments Acquired at Our Shop

We accept instruments acquired at our shop and use their value towards a new upgraded instrument. If the condition of your instrument, with reservation of the natural wear, has stayed the same as on the day when it was bought, the deduction will be 100% of the instrument’s price. In case of greater than natural tear and wear we reserve the right to reduce the deduction or, in some cases, to refuse the trade in.


Instruments from Other Sources

We accept instruments from other sources as part of payment for an instrument you buy at our shop. We will offer a price deduction after evaluating your instrument’s market value, condition, and eligibility for our collection. The deduction amount is estimated on the basis of an expert opinion.


Rent and Trade In

We offer preferential terms of acquiring an instrument to clients who have previously rented from us. The deduction will equal 100% of the last year’s payment for the rented instrument.