About Us

About Us


"Scroll Fine Instruments" violin shop’s mission is to aid musicians in their choice of  bowed string instruments.


Taking into account the artistic background and professionalism of our clients, we always find a tailor-made solution that suits all parties. Our main goal is to find an instrument that will be ideal for you.


You can also contact us for evaluating your instruments and bows, seek our assistance in selling them, or get an expert opinion – in person or online, to obtain an authenticity certificate or an expert report for obtaining a passport for importing or exporting the instrument.


An essential part of our business includes cooperation with leading Russian and international experts, dealer companies, contemporary violin makers (and helping to make them known), partnership with international contests and support of young talents.




Our Team

Georgy Levinov
Founder, Expert, Director

Anastasiya Marynycheva
Media promotion specialist & Public relations

Apollinariya Vasjukova
Client Liaison & Administrative Coordinator

Yuri Voropaev
Violin maker

Konstantin Ivanov
Violin and bow maker

Sergey Novoselov